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Lugarcia Construction is a specialist on designing, building and renovating commercial and residential properties. Our role is to act as your advocate to deliver the renewal of your dreams, in your budget.If you are thinking about renovating, consider our services; we deliver an excelent service at a very affordable price.

Our first objective is to design a renovation concept that inspires you and fits your budget.

Our second goal is to build your project, keeping it inside your budget, and offering an excelent final result.

Renovation requires the proper technical knowledge as well as dedicated specialists in order to provide the best results at the best price. Lugarcia Construction count on a close-knit team of designers, builders and traders working together to design and deliver your dream renovation. Lugarcia Construction is ready to perform an excelent job and be very profitable.

As specialist designers, builders and project managers, we handle all aspects of your renovation, (kitchen, bathroom, interior, basements unfoldment of building consents and complete project management). We offer the best price and the best customer service.


 Quality and guaranteed workmanship

All our employees are highly qualified. Our builders, master plumbers and electricians are certified. All our trades people are licensed professionals.


The best service and the best price

Because we specialize in renovations, we buy at the best deals and pass these savings to our customers
We work within your budget to design and deliver the service you deserve; We take responsibility for the entire project and pay attention to detail.


Service Areas:

Lugarcia Construction is a specialist based on home improvement that offers a range of services including but not limited to home renovations, additions, home improvement, makeover, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, new siding and insulation, carpentry replacement, restorations and more.


About Us

We are a family company with over 16 year of experience in north america. stablished in Toronto, Canada in 2002, we had delivered the best services for over a decade. we moved and start operating in Calgary, Canada in 2008.


Sep. 1, 2012


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